Fundamentals of Aerospace Engineering is a text book that provides an introductory, thorough overview of aeronautical engineering, and it is aimed at serving as reference for an undergraduate course on aerospace engineering. The Second Edition has been published in 2017.

Fundamentals of Aerospace Engineering (2nd Edition)

CC Licence

The Second Edition of Fundamentals of Aerospace Engineering is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 License, and it is offered in open access in “pdf” format. This licensing is aligned with a philosophy of sharing and spreading knowledge.

Second Edition: Download pdf
First Edition: Download pdf


Writing Fundamentals of Aerospace Engineering has been an exhausting, very time consuming activity. To acknowledge author’s effort, a paypal donation platform has been activated. Also, printed copies can be acquired at low cost price (lower than self printing) via Amazon (available at,,,,, etc.).


Also available at:,,,

Fundamentals of aerospace engineering is an undergraduate introductory course to the fascinating discipline of aeronautical engineering.

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