The SESAR Innovation Days was also the occasion for young scientists to present their research work and have a chance to win the SESAR Young Scientist Award 2013, including a cheque for 5,000€. In its second edition, the Award aims to recognise young scientific excellence contributing to the modernisation of ATM. On presenting the prize, Claude Chêne, Executive Director of SESAR JU said “The quality from all the applicants of this year’s SESAR Young Scientist Award was simply remarkable. The ATM community can look forward to a bright future if this is the level of talent that Europe is producing.»


The SESAR Young Scientist 2013 was awarded to Manuel Soler, for his work on ‘Commercial Aircraft Trajectory Optimization based on Multiphase Mixed Integer Optimal Control’; his work being recognised for its innovative modelling and interdisciplinary solution approach to the trajectory modelling problem, as well as strong engagement with European Research Centres and with the USA.