Writing Fundamentals of Aerospace Engineering has been an exhausting, very time consuming activity. The book is licenced under a CC-BY-SA licence and its electronic version can be downloaded at no cost. Nevertheless, author’s effort can be acknowledged by either donating and/or buying a printed copy.


If you consider fundamentals of aerospace engineering an interesting piece of work, useful either for professional, formative, or intelectual purposes, you can contribute with the author (to finance the work done but also future improvement) donating the amount of money you consider fair in two different ways:

– Direct Transfer to Author’s Account Number:

Account Holder: Manuel Fernando Soler Arnedo.
IBAN: ES53 2085 3923 83 033008195
Concept: NAME Donation Fund. Aero. Eng.
The NAME in the concept is voluntary and it is aimed at acknowledging back in future editions.

– Using the paypal donation platform that has been activated.

Acquiring printed copies

Printed copies of fundamentals of aerospace engineering can be acquired at low cost price (lower than self printing). The price set is considered to be fair in the sense that the author (who is also the editor) gets a small share of each acquired unity and the book can be offered at a very accesible price (when compared with other technical books). Therefore, acquiring printed copies (instead of self-printing, assuming the reader wants to have the text printed) is another way of coollaborating with author.

Printed copies can be acquierd at:


– CreateSpace
– Amazon.es
– Amazon.uk
– Amazon.eu (Amazon.itAmazon.deAmazon.fr).
– Determined Book Stores.

Notice that selecting the appropiate channel reduces shipping costs.