The Aircraft Operations Lab promotes the use of open-source code to enable findability, accessibility, interoperability and reusability in data management.


The METINTOS library is an open-source library exclusively developed within the task 4.1 of the FMP-Met project. It contains all the optical flow functionalities, including the capabilities to interpolate the described weather products (and eventually others). It is a python-based library hosted on GitHub.


The ROOST library is a software package developed by UC3M. It is a tool for robust flight planning within the currently structured airspace. It integrates horizontal and vertical decision-making, allows fast performance thanks to GPU-based parallelization, considers climb, cruise, and descent phases and incorporates uncertainty in meteorological variables, as well as initial flight time and initial flight mass.


The main idea of CLIMaCCF is to provide an open-source, easy-to-use, and flexible software tool that efficiently calculates spatially and temporally resolved climate impact of aviation emissions by using algorithmic climate change functions (aCCFs). The individual aCCFs of water vapour, NOx-induced ozone and methane, and contrail-cirrus and also merged aCCFs that combine the individual aCCFs can be calculated.