Network Activities:

ENGAGE The SESAR Knowledge Transfer Network coordinated by:
University of Westminster, EUROCONTROL, European Aviation Safety Agency, Frequentis, Innaxis, Technical University Delft, University of Belgrade – Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, University of Trieste. Engage is managed by a consortium of academia and industry, with the support of the SESAR JU, to promote and facilitate the development of air traffic management research in Europe. Our focus is two-fold: inspiring new researchers and helping to align exploratory and industrial research, through a wide range of activities and financial support actions. Engage is an outward-facing network, advancing innovation and collaboration. We welcome the participation of new industry partners to join the growing group.

Thematic Challenge #3 «Efficient provision and use of meteorological information in ATM: The main objective of this challenge is to improve overall ATM system performance by providing better user-support tools based on improved meteorological (‘met’) products. The focus is on the synergy of several methods and techniques in order to better meet the needs of operational users and to support aviation safety (e.g., through creating early warning systems) and regulation-makers (e.g., moving from text-based to graphical information provision). All stakeholders may benefit from this synergy: ANSPs (e.g., sector reconfiguration and separation provision), airlines (e.g., storm avoidance), airport operators (e.g., airport management under disruptive events), and the Network Manager (e.g., demand-capacity balancing). The challenge is, therefore, to bring the following perspectives closer: (a) for meteorological/atmospheric science, the development of products tailored to ATM stakeholders’ needs, which are unambiguous and easy to interpret; (b) for stakeholders, the identification of the most suitable information available and its integration into planning and decision-making processes.

In the past, I have also participated in the following research networks

HALA! (Higher Automation Levels in ATM). HALA! is a Research Network established within the framework ofSESAR WP-E to spearhead long term and innovative research in automation in ATM in pursuit of the SESAR 2020 vision and beyond. HALA! is coordinated by the Air Navigation research and development group (GINA) of theUniversidad Politécnica of Madrid (UPM, Spain) . This network is managed by a consortium consisting of the Polytechnic University of Madrid (Coordinator) PILDO ( technical support) BR&TE, CRIDA, Deep Blue, EADS Innovation Works, Glasgow University, GMC SKY, IRIT, Imperial College, KTH, NLR, ONERA, TU Braunschweig, and TU Dresden.

ComplexWorld is a Research Network established within the framework of SESAR WP-E . ComplexWorld brings together researchers from academia, research establishments, industry and SMEs that share common interests and expertise in the field of ATM Complexity Management, providing them with a structured way and a stable forum for the development, exchange andd issemination of research knowledge. The network is led by The Innaxis Foundation and Research Institure (network coordinator), the University of Seville, DLR, NLR, the University of Palermo, and the University of Westminster.


2023 Digital Sky Award – ISOBAR, Best Exploratory Research project.

SESAR JU Awards 2021 – Sustainability Award

The category recognised projects offering multifaceted solutions to reducing ATM’s impact on the environment (noise and emissions), contributing towards making Europe the most environmentally-friendly sky to fly in the world.

The winning project, Flying Air Traffic Management for the benefit of environment and climate – FlyATM4E, is developing a concept to identify climate-optimised aircraft trajectories, which enable a robust and eco-efficient reduction in aviation’s climate impact. Climate optimisation will consider CO2 and non-CO2 effects, such as contrails and contrail-cirrus, water vapour, NOx and particulate emissions.

2021- UC3M’s TFM Emprende Award (acting as a mentor). 1st position 10,000 Euro.

2019- Luis Azcárraga’19 Award. EnAire Foundation. National level, 12,000 Euros.

2019- UC3M’s TFG Emprende Award (acting as a mentor). 1st position 10,000 Euro.

2016- Luis Azcárraga’16 Award. EnAire Foundation: National level, 12,000 Euros.

2013- SESAR Young Scientist Award. SESAR JTU: European level, 5000 Euros.