• PhD thesis by Daniel González Arribas. Intended Title: “Stochastic Optimal Control towards Enhanced Predictability of four-dimensional Trajectories using Weather Ensemble Prediction Forecasts”. Supervisors: Manuel Soler and Manuel Sanjurjo. Con-Funded by HALA! Reserach Network (SESAR WP-E within FP7). Estimated finish Sept-Nov. 2018

Wind and Temperature Forecasts. 16 members of a ensamble.

Wind /Temp. Forecasts in an ensamble.

Optimal trajectories from NY to Lisbon, for values of p from 0 to 16. Higher brightness in the trajectory color indicates higher values of p. We also color regions of higher uncertainty, which we have defined as σu2 + σv2, with σu being the standard deviation of the u component of wind across different members and σv analogous for the v-component.

Optimal trajectories NY to Lisbon under uncertainty


  • PhD thesis by David Morante González. Intended Title: “Hybrid Multi-objective Trajectory Optimization of Low-Thrust Space Mission Design”. Supervisors: Manuel Sanjurjo and Manuel Soler. Estimated finish Jan-Feb. 2019
GTO-GEO Low Thrust Trajectory

GTO-GEO Low Thrust Trajectory


  • PhD thesis by Daniele Mazzota. Intended Title: “Probabilisitc Conflict Detection and Resolution and Storm Avoidance using Differential Algebra”. Supervisors: Manuel Soler and Lorenzo Casalino (POLITO). Joint Supervision UC3M-POLITO.