Supervised PhD Thesis

  • Ph. D. thesis by Daniel González Arribas. “Robust Aircraft Trajectory Optimization under Meteorological Uncertainty”. Supervisors: Manuel Soler and Manuel Sanjurjo. Co-Funded by HALA! Reserach Network (SESAR WP-E within FP7). Defended 4th July, 2019. Sobresaliente Cum Laude
  • Ph.D. thesis by David Morante González. Hybrid Multi-Objective Trajectory Optimization of Low-Thrust Space Mission Design”. Supervisors: Manuel Sanjurjo and Manuel Soler. Defending on Nov. 2019.
  • Ph. D. thesis by Daniele Mazzota. “Probabilisitc Conflict Detection and Resolution and Storm Avoidance using Differential Algebra”. Supervisors: Manuel Soler and Lorenzo Casalino (POLITO). Joint Supervision UC3M-POLITO. Defended 19th July, 2019.

PhD Thesis under supervision

  • Aniel Jardines
  • Eduardo Andrés Enderiz