Syllabus of the Course

Block I: Technology that applies to autonomous vehicles

  1. Legislation
  2. Socio-economical Aspects
  3. Applications
  4. Industry
  5. Types of vehicles
  6. Design particularities

Block II: Autonomous Navigation.

  1. Quadcopter Dynamics and Modeling
  2. Inertial Navigation: accelerometers and gyroscopes
  3. Estimation: Kalman filter
  4. Quadcopter Estability and Control

Block III: Quad-rotor ensambly lab.

  1. Introduction to Arduino;
  2. IMU Integration;
  3. Quad-rotor ensambly;
  4. Software-Hardware Integration;
  5. Controllers calibration.
  6. Flight Testing

Material of the Course

We have prepared lecture notes for the course (see Aula Global):

  • Arduino & IMU
  • Quadcopter Assembly
  • Flight Testing

Also, we have recorded some videos that illustrate the assambly process.