The position has been oficially published @ Convocatoria 03-1415.pdf

Research task

The task will be related with optimal control applied to trajectory optimization in aerospace engineering.

The goal of optimal control theory is to determine the control input that will cause a dynamical system to be steered from an initial state configuration to a final one, satisfying a set of path constraints, and at the same time optimize some performance criterion. Solving methods include indirect methods (analytic based) and direct methods (numerical based).

Arising applications in aerospace engineering are vast, e.g.,  commercial aircraft trajectory planning, UAV mission planning, and space mission planning. The focus, in any case, will be on space missions, e.g., Low-thrust trajectories and under-actuated control.

Requirements and conditions

The ideal candidate will have a background in aerospace engineering (Master’s level or equivalent) and optimization, programming skills, and solid skills in both writen and spoken english.  Outstanding students with only a partial match to this list are encouraged to apply.

The successful candidate will be enrolled in the Department of Bioengineering and Aerospace Engineering (Area of Aerospace Engineering) of the University Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M). The conditions in terms of salary and duration of the appointment are those determined by UC3M for PhD students. International secondments in prestigious universities and research centers will be granted.

To Apply

Email directly to Assistant Prof. Sanjurjo ( and Assistant Prof. Soler ( with:

See the call.


Call for applications remains and will close within 10 business days from now. Intended start date (with some flexibility): November 2014 to January 2015.

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